The Joylers

pursuing wellness, purpose & abundance

A group of likeminded gatekeepers of the home, utilizing the non-toxic plant power God create to live healthy lives.

The Joylers


A group of likeminded gatekeepers of the home, utilizing the non-toxic plant power God create to live healthy lives.

hey friends!

Meet the pSK

aka the premium starter kit & ticket to the oily life

Backed by the Seed to Seal promise, your Young Living Premium Starter Kit is the best way to get started with the non-toxic lifestyle. The everyday uses of these 12 oils are quite endless as you begin to ditch and switch to cleaner options for your home and health. You even get to choose your own diffuser! With other samples like the YL Ningxia Red antioxidant drink, Thieves Hand Sanitizer and Thieves Spray, you will be well on your way to supporting whole body wellness. 

by the numbers

I always like to say you either pay for your wellness now, or illness later. Utilizing essential oils (aka plant power), we can support every system in our body. How much is this life-changing investment for your health? In short, always more than 50% off. Let’s break it down.

Lemon – $8.22
Lavender – $15.97
Peppermint – $13.49
Thieves – $19.41
Digize – $18.42
Raven – $21.71
Citrus fresh – $9.97
Stress away – $9.92
panaway – $47.40
frankincense – $40.13
valor – $52.30
peace & calming – $45.72

Diffuser – $83.88
samples & extras – $18.44

retail value – $410.75


oils in the kit


member discount for life

3 minutes

to get started


ningxia red packets


fellow team members


Life-changing investment for your health

what are essential oils?

Essential oils are basically the immune system of any plant. They’re derived from the stem, rind, root, leaves, flowers, etc. of a plant in a careful extraction and distillation process to produce what we receive in the bottle: the essential oil. What they do the for the plant, they do for us. And each one has unique properties to interact with & support our body systems.

Why Young Living?

YL oils are backed by a Seed to Seal promise, meaning that at no point in their production from seed to literally seal are they altered or added to, sprayed with chemicals or growth products, or treated in any way. Hello, chemical-free goodness! Fun fact: Young Living is the only essential oils company with their own world-wide farms and partner farms where they grow their own plants! 

PLUS, YL has an assortment of products that are infused with essential oils. They have everything from baby wipes to pet care, makeup to healthy snacks, supplements to CBD. ALL non-toxic & clean.

Start today

What are you waiting for? There’s wellness, purpose and abundance waiting for you with your very own Premium Starter Kit. Customize your kit below! 

unique team Opportunities

the 411 on the joylers.

access to fB Group

By joining Team Joylers, you have the support of our team Facebook Group and a couple others including Cusp Essentials and Rose Gold Wellness. We share everything from diffuser recipes, fun giveaways, product classes, and more so you know how to use your oils the minute you receive your kit.

access granted after purchase

Welcome Goodies

Upon purchasing a kit from me, you will get a little happy mail to welcome you to the oily life! A welcome packet includes some helpful cards so you know how to use your PSK products, rollers, YL samples, and occasionally a few other things I rotate out.

handholding you through the process

Product Classes

Not sure how to leverage the full power of essential oils to support your health? Feeling overwhelmed as to what to purchase next? We got you. With monthly product classes, you will be well on your way to knowing all things YL. The important place to be is to just START using your kit.

classes different per month

Income Possibilities

Love your kit? I know you will! Just like sharing your favorite sunglasses or new pair of shoes, you will probably share about your love for YL.. For every PSK that family and friends purchase from you, you have the opportunity to earn extra $$!

approximately $50 per kit


min. to customize order


oils & products


trips to the store saved


products to choose from


YL brands to shop


back in points on er after being enrolled for 25 mo.

I love my kit. now what?

Time to restock and try additional items? The best way to purchase additional oily goods is by joining Essential Rewards (aka ER!). ER  is a monthly customizable, wellness box that you get shipped right to your doorstep — all while earning points back to use towards future products, receiving 24% off everything you order, snagging amazing freebies (they change every month!), and more. As you sign up for your kit, click “yes” to signing up for Essential Rewards. My best suggestion for your first order is the Thieves Essential Rewards Kit. Here are some additional items I order every month:

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste
Lavender mint shampoo & conditioner
Thieves Automatic Dishwasher powder
Bath & shower gel base
Ningxia Red Packets
Thieves Laundry Soap
Purification essential oil
Thieves Dish Soap

and so much more!