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meet Emily


Some call me Em, Emmy, Em the Gem. I am a creative thinker with a passion to share about life’s lessons, health tips, clean living, real talk moments, and whole body wellness. Welcome to my studio, where I hope to inspire you to pursue wholeness & healing.

my journey started...

when I was young! I always had a passion to learn about health. However, when I reached college I started experiencing an array of symptoms that lead to multiple blood tests searching for an answer. It was about two years into the unknown that I received food allergy test results that revealed the culprit: a severe allergy to wheat & gluten (note: NOT celiac disease which I had been tested for prior). I cut all allergens from my diet and within weeks I was a different person.

That was my first interaction with the power of how we fuel our bodies, which lead to deeper discoveries about the quality of food, water, and eventually, products. Fast forward a couple of years, I found myself in a Nutritional Therapist’s office delving into a comprehensive history of my health. At the time I was struggling with chronic stress that snowballed into adrenal fatigue. For the second time, I experienced how the foods we choose to eat can impact our body’s performance to heal itself. I took to route of supplements, diet, and naturopathic remedies and within weeks I was again, a different person. 

Simultaneously, I was seeking therapy and unraveling trauma that was inducing so much stress in my daily life. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that our health is so much more integrated than we make it out to be. Each piece — emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, relational — plays a crucial role in the puzzle of health. Just like an artist in their studio where they create, we are all in our own studio creating our lives! In hindsight, I was always pursuing more growth and knowledge to implement into my lifestyle, and my hope is that my studio will inspire you to be just as intentional in yours.